Club Managers’ Association SHTM Student Chapter

The Club Managers’ Association SHTM Student Chapter was founded by a group of students interested in the private club industry. The aim of this student club is to put students in touch with club industry professionals so as to gain exposure to another relatively lesser known hospitality sector. The private club industry is a large industry over the world; furthermore, in Asia, the club industry is thriving. Students who wish to seek more information about the club industry or wish to pursue a career in the industry should join us. This student chapter engages in site visits, connects with industry speakers via networking luncheon and sharing sessions, among many other activities.

Past events

9 October 2015: Kickoff Dinner held at Bistro 1979
24 October 2015: Visit to UBS® Hong Kong Open 2015 at The Hong Kong Golf Club


Faculty Advisor
Ms Anny Ho
Chapter Chairman
Gerald Chen
Vice President
Michelle Cho
Administrative Secretary
Megan Jacques
Financial Manager
Ryan Chan
Marketing and Communication Manager
Hazel Nam
Event Managers
Monica Lee
Heather Ahn