Wholly owned by PolyU and an extension of the SHTM, Hotel ICON is the first teaching and research hotel of its kind in the world. Although other universities have teaching hotels, the SHTM’s approach is unique. Hotel ICON is a purpose-built hotel that completely integrates teaching, learning and research in a full-service environment.

Located in a building complex that also houses the SHTM campus, university staff quarters, research facilities, resource centres, classrooms, and faculty and administration offices, Hotel ICON boasts 262 guest rooms and three exceptional restaurants. It stands as a stylish testament to Hong Kong’s creative energy and design innovation. Envisioned as a “hotel with a purpose”, Hotel ICON is committed to providing interactive and dynamic learning environments as well as state-of-the-art educational facilities.

To fully integrate Hotel ICON into its curriculum, the SHTM has revamped a whole host of subjects that span daily hotel operations, event management, financial administration, entrepreneurship and service quality management, all of which include practical training.


With the establishment of Hotel ICON, the SHTM’s leadership role in hospitality research has also been enhanced. Research projects with different foci have already been implemented in the hotel. Three dedicated guestrooms - “Tomorrow’s Guestrooms” - serve as a platform for the hotel industry to innovate, develop and showcase new technologies, hotel designs and business concepts in hotel management. The “Tomorrow’s Guestrooms” are created to facilitate more in-depth research into the application of advanced concepts in the field of hotel management for the advancement of the entire industry.

SHTM students are privileged to use Hotel ICON’s many opportunities for learning as a launch pad for their dreams. The School’s vision is to see them rise to become leaders in hotels, hospitality businesses and the tourism industry, not only in Hong Kong but also in the region and around the world.

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