The programme runs for three years, with an optional sandwich year of extended workplace training between the second and final years.

Year One introduces students to the hospitality and tourism industry, covering foundation management skills. A 10-week Work-integrated Education placement at the year's end allows them to gain hands-on experience in a hotel, tourism, food-service or related organisation.

In Year Two, the focus is on learning from case studies and applying knowledge to new situations. At the end of the year students can choose another 10-week Work-Integrated Education placement, or a 48-week placement.

Year Three focuses on group assignments and individual projects, allowing students to further develop their management skills and build on their operational experience.

Programme Curriculum

Programme title and code
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Hotel Management (24027-HMH)
Credit requirement
95 academic credits plus plus 10 (FT mode) or 19 (Sandwich mode) training credits
Subject code Subject title Credit value
A. General Education and Languages (5 subjects) 12 credits
ELC291 English for University Studies 3
ELC3701 English in the Workplace for Hotel and Tourism Management Students 2
CBS2080 Fundamentals of Chinese Communication 3
GEC2801 General Education (1) (China Studies) 2
GECXXX General Education (2) (Broadening) 2
B. Common Subjects (15 subjects) 42 credits
HTM2103 Accounting and Control in Hospitality and Tourism 3
HTM2117 Tourism and Society 2
HTM2118 Hospitality and Culture 2
HTM2119 Tourism Business, Ethics and Law 3
HTM2120 Tourism Economics 3
HTM2121 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing 3
HTM3114 Service Management 3
HTM3121 Consumer Behaviour in Travel and Tourism 3
HTM3123 Technology Management in Hotel and Tourism 3
HTM3125 Research Methods 2
HTM3143 Data Analysis 3
HTM3127 Managerial Accounting Practice in Hospitality and Tourism (Pre-requisite: HTM2103) 3
HTM4101 Strategic Management for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses 3
HTM4115 Human Resources Management in the Tourism and Hotel Industry 3
MM2021 Management and Organisation 3
C. Specialist Subjects (8 subjects) 18 credits
HTM2109 Introduction to Food Service Operations 2
HTM2110 Food Hygiene and Safety Practice 1
HTM2124 Introduction to Hotel Operations 3
HTM3129 Lodging Management 3
HTM3130 Food and Beverage Operations I (Pre-requisite: HTM2110) 2
HTM3131 Food and Beverage Operations II 2
HTM4102 Hospitality Facilities Management and Design 3
HTM4103 Food and Beverage Management (Pre-requisites: HTM2109, HTM3130 and HTM3131) 2
D. Focus Area Subjects (4 subjects per focus) 12 credits
1. Hotel/Lodging Management
HTM3024 Hospitality Distribution Channels Management 3
HTM3140 Meeting Management 3
HTM4006 Hotel Planning and Development (Pre-requisite: HTM3129) 3
HTM4110 Revenue Management 3
2. Foodservice Management
HTM3017 Foodservices in Special Events and Conventions (Pre-requisite: HTM3130) 3
HTM3141 Professional Bar and Beverage Management (Pre-requisite: HTM2112 or HTM3131) 3
HTM4111 Entrepreneurship-Developing Foodservice Concepts (Pre-requisite: HTM3131) 3
HTM4112 Gastronomy and Olfactory Studies (Pre-requisite: HTM3130 or HTM3131) 3
3. Convention and Exhibition Management
HTM3139 Events Tourism and Management 3
HTM3140 Meeting Management 3
HTM4108 Convention Venue Management 3
HTM4109 Exhibition Management 3
E. Electives (2 subjects) 6 credits
HTM3012 Resort and Spa Hotel Management 3
HTM3014 Wine Studies and Oenology 3
HTM3016 Culinary Art (Pre-requisite: HTM3130) 3
HTM3017 Foodservices in Special Events and Conventions (Pre-requisite: HTM3130) 3
HTM3018 Cruise Services and Management 3
HTM3022 Japanese Hospitality Culture and Communications I 3
HTM3023 Japanese Hospitality Culture and Communications II 3
HTM3134 Airline Management I 3
HTM3135 Airport Operations and Management 3
HTM3137 Visitor Management (Pre-requisite: HTM2113) 3
HTM3138 Merchandising and Retailing 3
HTM4005 Environmental Management in the Hospitality Industry 3
HTM4006 Hotel Planning and Development (Pre-requisite: HTM3129) 3
HTM4008 International Tourism Studies (Only Offered to Final Year Students) 3
HTM4009 Urban Tourism 3
HTM4113 Casino and Gaming Management 3
HTM4114 Aviation Policy (Pre-requisite: HTM2106) 3
HTM4116 Theme Parks and Attractions (Pre-requisite: HTM3119) 3
HTM4134 Airline Management II (Pre-requisite: HTM3134) 3
ELC4701 Communication in the Hotel and Tourism Professions 3
F. Honours Thesis / Two Electives 5 credits
1. Honours Thesis
HTM4206 Honours Thesis I (Pre-requisite: HTM3125) 0+
HTM4207 Honours Thesis II (Pre-requisite: HTM4206) 5
2. Two Electives (One 2-credit subject + One 3-credit subject)
HTM4121 E-Business in Hospitality and Tourism 2
HTM4120 Customer Relationship Management 2
HTM4119 Financial Management in Hospitality and Tourism 2
HTM4XXX Elective Subjet (any one of the above level 4 Electives) 3
Total Academic Credits (A + B + C + D + E + F) 95 credits
G. First Year Experience and Work-integrated Education, and Professional and Leadership Development (Training credits)
HTM2002 Freshmen Seminar 1
HTM2222 Professional and Leadership Development I 1
HTM3122 Professional and Leadership Development II 1
HTM4122 Professional and Leadership Development III 1
HTM2123 Work-Integrated Education I 3
HTM3132 Work-Integrated Education IIA * 3 -
HTM3133 Work-Integrated Education IIB ** - 12
Total Training Credits 10 credits 19 credits

 *    10-week placement or
**  48-week sandwich year placement
+   The grade obtained in Honours Thesis I (HTM4206) will constitute 30% of the final grade of Honours Thesis II (HTM4207).